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Sign up as an existing patient
An existing patient is a patient who already has (or an immediate family member has) an account set up at this practice, and would like to enable the account for online access. You will need the existing account number and the account holder's personal information in order to register.
Sign up as a new patient
A new patient is a patient who has not yet (nor has an immediate family member) visited our office, but would like to register as a patient and create an account for online access.

Important Note
  • You will not be able to register as a new patient if you or a family member already have an account -- instead, choose "Sign up as an existing patient" to enable it for online access.
  • New accounts should be created by the patient who will be the account holder, who assumes all financial responsibility for that account.
  • Once an account holder is registered, additional family members may be added to the account by logging in and selecting "Update Family Members" in the MyAccount menu.